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@ descriptions of e americans.g im of american indians which hicks runs --xd >> here are examples ofxd two eagle featg5' head dresses.÷zqs have been subject to character chu"ép >>i] they were going to wear th during thei] victorias secret sw and the native american peopleg >> but to hicks,é@ pro sports m like the washington redskins who q says mock hbp%yár(p' culture. >> how would bit ift(ñ it was washington rednecks?3w it's insulting. it's not about native people. >> but for nowq on, she will be  of "san francisco chronicling" without gettingcÑi cupset. when it comes toqÑyfootball, it will no longer refer to the s the redskins.Ñixdc c wrote a le!z me and the sports editorÑiw3 and take a lat whewxijeu(j appropriate to call the washington nfl franchise the redskins since it is a racial slur. >> chronicleb. managing editor says the gro-qjtok deba> we felt pretty strongly there's other ways to refer to the team.xd will only refer to the term redskin when÷ referring to the name controversy. >> when the qçó÷niner, for example,play washi
. now they have a different challenge as they gear up to face the eagles' running back lesean mccoy on sunday. >> that running back is exceptional in space. and to try to give them no space is to challenge why you do this. that's what excites us is no matter what type of scheme it is, to be able to stop the run, keep the top on the coverage, and be able to swarm and make plays, and like we said, we're turning bad into good and now if you slow down this running game, you're turning good into great. >> you have to be able to attack the line of scrimmage and you got to get, as i always say, in the runs game, you got to get 11 hats around the ball and that will be critical again. because this guy is a good back and can make a guy miss in space. we have to try to limit the space. >>> how about the warriors? they rocked their season opener last night against the lakers. the 31-point victory. the biggest opening game blowout in franchise history. the clippers tonight in l.a. we'll have highlights of that tonight at 11:00. >>> all right. now the world series is over. it is official. the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2